Return of the Hydra: prologue

Taleskjold's Musings

A view into the mind of an intelligent shield

Life hadn’t been easy the last twenty years or so. Agreed, life as a shield was seldom easy, but certainly not when you are used by a short-legged shieldbashing cretin with mental capacities far below your own, a Dwarf pretending to be everything he was not! Anyway, things were getting interesting now. He could sense one of his kind nearby, a very powerful one. Also, Taleskjold’s owner had no clue what he was getting himself into… Very interesting… As someone who had seen generations of heroes come and go, Taleskjold could see past the cover of incompetence and foolishness around him and reveal the potentially powerful group. Certainly that ‘old woman’ and that Kernian centurio had a lot of fighting potential, almost as much as Torgun himself. And all of them were using shields… Very interesting…

He almost did alert these poor sods, almost did he tell them all three characters with ranks in survival (albeit very few ranks and a lousy wisdom modifier) they completely missed the tracks near their camping site… Almost did he tell them wat was soon going to happen, but no, this was as it was meant to be…this was Fate…



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