Return of the Hydra: prologue

Torgun's Musings

A view into the mind of someone who's definitely not a Dwarf

Torgun awoke from what seemed to be a long, long sleep. His companions had been busy during the night: ambushing five sleeping Ogres, fighting off an invasion of monstruous centipedes and a swarm of undead (including those 5 Ogres), looking for treasure in even the most unlikely place and – not to forget – being visited by Ghosts three times in a row!
The fat cook, Theron, was very slow to wake up, so it was already midday before they finally ate their breakfast of ‘Crab Cakes’. And afterwards, his new companions were arguing more than an hour about which course to take.
“Let’s explore these caves. I’d wager we find some shiny gems there, or at the very least some more wood to craft arrows.”

“I cannot believe you spent so much wood just to craft 11 arrows, Kallithea!If it would be you building the boat, we’d need an entire forest just for one oar!”

“The other can repair the boat, let’s go into the jungle and try to reach the nearest Hydra head.”

“Yes, there we’d probably find the other survivors from the second lifeboat. There are three of my soldiers amongst them”

“Can we explore at least one cave? Please? Please? Pretty Pleaaase?”

So two hours later, they finally stood before the entrance to the cave. It was only a mile’s distance from their camp site, but Charis had found a ‘shortcut’, which led them through the woods. The 6 miles extra walking didn’t bother Torgun much. Walking was always a good way to lose some weight, and he really needed to. Good thing he took a shave this morning, otherwise the others would get wrong ideas…

“I think it’s a good idea the nigger and I start explore the cave before you lumbering oafs.” Charis suggested. There were no protests, aside from the usual “Are you calling me a nigger?”.
They only had one problem: the cave was pitch dark. Charis lit a torch. So much for hiding…

Torgun couldn’t understand why these other Humans couldn’t see as well in the dark as he did. Could it be they were not completely Human, after all? Whatever, he went into the left tunnel.
“I’ll aid you guys with my bard song,” Kallithea shouted, blowing her Ademorran Horn. Soon, a sound like a thousand angry bees was echoing through the tunnels. So much for moving silently…

Torgun shook his head. He liked that Kallithea well enough, but sometimes, well… The sound of the Horn was all around him. Bugger! Last months, you couldn’t go visit a good gladiator fight in Shairra without some moron blowing an Ademorran Horn next to your ear. No wonder the gladiators didn’t last long, taking ongoing sonic damage each round!
Torgun wasn’t the only one disliking the sound, it appeared. Two giant bats charged the bard, covering their sound-sensitive ears. They caught her by surprise, for, strangely enough, she was walking without a light source of any kind. She didn’t last longer than a snowball in a Balor’s arse.
“Kallithea, noooooo!”



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