Sokahn the Unmanned

Tortured for years by proconsul Simonides, this 'Mèg yo' Warlock feels an even greater hatred towards the white men


For many years, Sokahn has been the prisoner of the cruel Straton the Abstinent. Afterwards, Fat Dalila gave him to Simonides in exchange for her freedom, for Simonides believed Sokahn knew a lot about the wherabouts of Bloodbeard’s treasure. Despite years and years of torture and treats, Sokahn revealed nothing, much to Simonides’ displeasure. So he decided to sell his excentric slave to some rich nobleman in Kern. He took Sokahn with him on his boat trip, but kept him chained and collared all the time, well aware of the warlock’s powers. Chained below decks, Sokahn had already given up all hope of escape, when suddenly he noted they were sailing into the domain of the Sea God. With a small artifact he had hidden on his person all those years (in places where the sun didn’t shine), he summoned his Kraken ally. For some reasons unknown even to Sokahn, the Kraken decided not to attack the ship, but persued a small lifeboat with survivors instead. So, Sokahn remained the prisoner of Simonides for a few days more. Soon, however, Simonides was killed by some other survivors in some quarrel about gems and chastity belts (strange creatures, these Kernians and Ademorrans) and Sokahn was set free. At first, he didn’t know what to think about his liberators. These set him free, sure enough, but were they even marginally less cruel than his former jailor Simonides? And they claimed alliance with his own Tribe of the Monkey, as well as the Fifth Tribe, but, on the other hand, they were completely clueless about Ademorran religion or politics… Whatever doubt he might have had about showing mercy, they were soon dispersed by the many racist comments of his ‘liberators’. He tricked them into travelling the Duergar Tunnels and turned on them on the first opportunity, leaving his liberators trapped in a cave full of hungry hydra’s and undead creatures.


Sokahn the Unmanned

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