Tribe of the Ant

The Tribe of the Ant is the largest of the four Ademorran tribes. They are often called ‘the Twins’, because, strangely enough, each and every one of them has a twin brother or sister, often an identical one. The Twins believe this is a special blessing from their god, the Devourer, not only God of Death and conflict, but also of fertility. Some of the Shairran philosopher-mages believe it has something to do with their genes, but nowadays nobody believes these quacks and their ‘science’ anymore.
Whatever might be the truth, the rate at which the Tribe of the Ants reproduces is astounding. Procreation is everyone’s primary duty within the tribe and nobody is excluded. Most women give birth to twelve or more children and, because polygamy is a common Ademorran practise, many men who reach old age can boast fifty or more children and several hundreds of grandchildren.

Religion teaches them large numbers are the only way to escape death, for, eventually, the tribe will grow so large even the Devourer will not be able to swallow them all. Boundless reproduction is the key to survival!

Needless to say, the strength of this tribe truly lies in numbers, for individual members of the tribe are quite weak, with the exception of their warlocks. Seldom do they grow above 4 feet tall and seldom do they dare to attack unless they outnumber the enemy at least 3 to 1. Their tactics mainly consist in swarming the enemy, while their spellcasters weaken the strongest opponents or take them down outright with powerful single-target spells. Their warlocks also specialize in cold spells and illusions. The Twins have few clerics and druids amongst their ranks, but are always supported by a large number of bards, playing their infamous Ademorran Horns to bolster the attacking horde (and annoy their opponents to no end).

The Twins hate the Tribe of the Rhino and are perpetually at war with them.
They worship the Blue Hydra Head on Hydra Peninsula.

Tribe of the Ant

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