Tribe of the Monkey

The Tribe of the Monkey is by far the most disgusting tribe that lives in Ademorra. Most of them look half-starved, hence their nickname ‘the Skeletons’. They call themselves simply ‘Mèg yo’ and say nothing is wrong with a diet of insects, half-rotten meat and whatever they can find in the swamps that surround their lands. Despite their appearance, they are tough and cunning opponents.
The ‘Mèg yo’ have domesticated a lot of creatures others would describe as ‘vermin’: rats, bats, leeches and insects of all kind. They let their pets wander freely in their houses, if you can still call the mess they live ‘a house’. The stench surrounding a tribe member may be annoying or even nauseating, the odour of their encampments is simply unbearable.
The tribe members themselves seem not to notice this ‘stench’ outsiders often speak about. On the contrary, they take pride in living as disgustingly as they can, never bathing or cutting their hair, throwing filth all over the place, infecting themselves with all possible kinds of poisons, curses and diseases. They believe eventually they will become so disgusting even the Devourer will no longer be willing to swallow them and so they will be able to cheat Death itself.
They have been only partially successful so far. It’s true most natural predators, including animals and even the Murk Trolls, will not eat a member of the Tribe of the Monkey, unless they’re half-starved and completely delerious. But the Ademorran tribal wars still take their toll, no matter how disgusting and unedible the ‘Mèg yo’ might have become.

Because of their way of living, the Tribe of the Monkey has become accostumed to many diseases, poisons and curses. They consider themselves only ‘transmittors’ and will happily infect themselves just to affect a lot of outsiders. Their pets also help them spreading diseases, their weapons are almost always poisoned and their items many times carry strange (temporary) curses. With the Skeletons, you must never expect a fair fight!
Their Warlocks mostly specialize in Copromancy, an obscure mix of conjuration and necromancy which focusses on diseases and nausea. They also have a lot of Druids amongst their ranks, for they are the less civilised of the four tribes. Most of their warriors are rangers, but some of the archers multiclass as rogues and some of the claw-fighters multiclass as barbarians.

The ‘Mèg yo’ hate the Tribe of the Turtle and are ever at war with them.
They worship the Brown Hydra head.

Famous members of this Tribe include Sokahn the Unmanned

Tribe of the Monkey

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